Indonesia’s Energy Minister Welcomes Inpex’s Investment Plan in Geothermal Project

Jakarta – Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Arifin Tasrif responded positively to Japanese energy firm Inpex Corporation’s move to invest in the geothermal development project in the country.

“That’s good,” said Arifin when met by reporters on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. According to him, the Japanese company’s move showed that diversification from fossil energy to renewable energy has begun.

Arifin also said that efforts to increase energy must be carried out. The government is also committed to encouraging the use of renewable energy sources in the archipelago.

Furthermore, the director general of new, renewable energy and energy conservation (EBTKE) at the ESDM Ministry, Dadan Kusdiana, said the ministry planned to hold a meeting with Inpex in December 2022.

“This investment step is right to do,” Dadan said, reiterating that because funding for fossil energy is getting more difficult as it has been shifted to the new renewable energy sector.